Un Rio

As you can see, I post here pretty frequently. When I get bored I hop into an internet joint and pop out whatever happens to be on my mind, sorry if it tends to be randomized drivel. I’ve been taking some private spanish classes for the mornings, they definitely help out a little bit, and en la tarde I’ve been meeting up with Danitza and her friends, where once again I am speaking in castellano–although mostly just listening, let’s be honest. Every single day the past 5 days it has rained quite heavily for most of the afternoon. I have a traditional woven red poncho, although I always feel kind of funny wearing it because no one except the Andinos wear those kinds of ponchos, everyone else is wearing jackets or the plastic ponchos, and here I am with mi pelo rubio and a beautiful traditional poncho. The guidebooks were not lying when they called this the rainy season in the sierras. I’m hoping it’s not going to do that the whole time I’m on el camino del Incas. The French lads arrived today, so I’ll have some more people to hang out with in Qosqo. Last night I got some musica tipica to bring back with me to the states. CD venders on the street sell copies of CDs for 3 soles each. I bought 4 for 10 soles. I need to buy a new bag to carry all the damn regalos I’ve purchased.
La familìas Peruana are pretty conservative. The Cusqueñas that I’ve talked to are in their mid-twenties, but their mothers have a stranglehold on their lives. They have curfews, they talk to their mothers every single day when they are out of the city, and of course they live with their parents and aunts and uncles. In Perù the structura de familìa is definitely different, comprared to what I am used to anyway. Singles live with their family until they are married, which can be into their thirties. Families are much closer, of course. I was laughing at the idea of having a curfew, I couldn’t even imagine such a thing anymore, not at 27.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Mundanity”

  1. Hey, glad to hear you met some chicas bonitas and also glad to hear that you blew it out of your ass safely after they departed. :)

    I’m amazed by the sky in several of your pictures. It lends a very dramatic air to them. Tus fotografias son muchos buenos, los me gustan muchisimo.

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