Incan SlideIf you happen to be a dwarf, you probably wish that you lived in ancient Egypt. Turns out they were very accepting–even revering–of dwarves. Click here for the full story.

Yesterday I took a tour of Sacsayhuaman with my personal guìa. The name is amusing because when you say it aloud, it sounds exactly like “sexy woman” en ingles. Apparently the name means “satisfied falcon” or something. Other people have told me the name signifies the head of the puma, since Qosqo is supposed to have been shaped in the form of a puma, and Sacsayhuaman stands at where the head should be. The architecture of the Incas is quite structurally sound, they formed all of their windows and doors in a trapezoidal shape, which have proved to be extremely resistant to terremotos, or earthquakes.

It can be quite frustrating for me when conversing in spanish because of my lack of vocabulary. When I am listening to someone talk to me, I can pick up a few words here and there, and I might think that I understand, but usually I’m forming my own story based on selected words. Progress is slow, but I am progressing I think, considering I spent most of the day yesterday only speaking in spanish with Danitza, the cute cuzqueña I met in the disco. I’m considering taking some more spanish classes while in Qosqo, because I’m getting frustrated with not being able to express myself or to converse much beyond the level of “¿Te gusta . . .?”, “Me gusta . .”
There are some things about spanish which are growing on me. Por ejemplo, I like the way the language distinguishes very specifically between masculino y feminino and between subjects. The conjugations of the verbs make it very clear about when and whom you are referencing. English is general and abstract in comparison.

Christina, if you’re reading this, you will be happy to know that I’ve shown almost everyone in Perù pictures of Bjorn, mi sobrino. ¡Que lindo!, they respond. Èl es muy grande, no?, I say.

Anybody know of a good way to prevent sandals from being stinky? Mis sandalias uele muy mal. I try spraying deodorant on em but to no avail. I can smell the odor wafting up at this very moment.

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  1. ¡Hombre, yo me lavo los pies todos los dìas! There’s got to be something for those of us who suffer from the affliction of smelly feet, other than putting on closed toes shoes, which is something I refuse to do unless absolutely necessary, like when going out to a disco.

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