Mas fotos


I have once again posthumously cargè mis fotos aquì, so go ahead and scroll downwards a ver los nuevos fotos.

Qosqo is growing on me, I think mainly because now I’ve got local people (aka bonitas chicas) to hang out with and show me around. I am going to take algunos clases de español privado starting tomorrow until I leave for Macchu Pichu on the 3rd of enero. Then regreso aça and study some more and maybe take some salsa classes. I think I could get into living a while here. Esta mejor que Lima, esto es verdad.

Mis amigos de Francia llegando mañana. Para el año nuevo . . .no se, quìzas saliamos para Urabamba, esta un pueblo cerca de Qosqo.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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