Feliz Navidad

feliz-navidad.jpgI was a tourist today through and through. I got onto a big bus that stopped off at local markets where I bought items and stopped at Incan ruins where I took pictures. Ah yes, to be one with cattle. However, something much more important beyond the commercialism of my soul took place today. I met a beautiful woman and had some great conversations. Last night I had been feeling lonely–as you can see from the prior entry–but feeling the ultimate necessity for integrity and personal space. Last night I went to sleep with a good feeling in my belly. Today this feeling was validated. What was validated was the fact that the more centered within myself I am, the more receptive I am to the confluence of beneficial occurences. Not even to say that I am creating them, because I rarely go out of my way to make things happen, more to say that they have more of a tendency to occur.
At lunch the bus stopped off at some place where they were charging 15 soles for almuerzo. First of all, I was beginning to get spiteful about being part of a herd of cattle; second of all, I didn’t want to be forced to pay 15 soles for the meal. So I went across the street to where it was the more civilized 6 soles for a full meal (for the record, by the way, you can get a full meal in local food joints off the beaten path for 2 soles. That’s about 59 cents in US dolares folks.) I was sitting at my table and drinking my Inca Kola, and I was actually thinking that it would have been nice if I had made an attempt to talk to this woman, because I had noticed her earlier at the ruins. But true to my nature, I did nothing. And then she walks in and ends up sitting down at my table. And we have a little small talk and change seats to sit next to each other when we get back on the bus to talk more. During the next set of ruins we visited, it began pouring rain (it’s the rainy season in the mountains right now) and so we went into a local restaurant to get out the rain, wherein we drank a couple of Cusqueñas and talked about Sufiism. To me this was a much more satisfying than looking at broken rocks.
And of course, as is always the case whenever I meet a cool person, she left for Bolivia tonight. But what is most important to me is that I met her at all, and not just that I met her–that I know that I was meant to meet her. And I don’t mean that in the sense of stars aligning, etc. I mean that as in I needed to meet her today for myself, I needed the space within me reconfirmed, because sometimes when you get lonely you begin to question yourself and what you believe in. The reconfirmation of what I believe and know to be true is what occurred for me today. I may never see her again. But that´s ok. There are connections much deeper that are formed in the spirit even in chance one time encounters. Because ultimately, we are all the same person, no? And getting that momentary glimpse of the window to the divine in another and seeing yourself . . . This is what it is to live. This is why I am here.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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