El mercado y la chicha de jora


Hoy estuve un dìa interesante. The plaza de armas was packed with people selling textiles, pipes, food, you name it. It’s really annoying because as soon as you whip out your camera, some of the Andean families will approach you and try to get money from you to take their picture. Since when is there a charge to take a photograph of people? I refused to pay, mainly because I didn’t have any money at the time. Later the little girl found me anyway and I gave her 10 centimos.
Last night when walking along the street one of the restaurant hawkers, Alex, engaged me in conversation, and he offered me free mate de coca, so we chatted a bit and we agreed to meet up again today so he could lead me to some chicha de jora, a beer made from fermented maìze. We went down some side streets and into a little hole in the wall picantería, replete with old locals sitting there alone getting tanked. Chicha de jora posseses an interesting taste, not for the faint of bladder. According to Alex, it’s good for your prostrate. I’m feeling kind of funny right now and my saliva is kind of thick.
Anoche yo fuì a un disco. Some locals put on a little salsa demonstration before the reggaeton and North American booty music came on. They were amazingly good. Afterwards, I demonstrated my own skills to the Black Eyed Peas.
I’ve been smoking way too many cigarros. It’s just one of those things that seems appropriate to do here, like eating tons of red meat and not wearing seatbelts.
Today I booked my Inca trail trek, it was pretty damn cheap. I’m going to go despues el año nuevo. I’m kind of itching to get out of Qosqo right now, but I want to stick it out for the new year, because the french dudes and some other amigos will be here, and I figure I’d rather spend it getting tanked with friends.
Para la navidad yo ire a la valle sagrado.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

One thought on “El mercado y la chicha de jora”

  1. may I ask, whether you would be willing to let me use a high resolution version of the photo of the ladies on the market for a leaflet with some information on an international research project entitled ‘Models and their Effects on Development paths: an ethnographic and comparative approach to knowledge transmission and livelihood strategies’ (project acronym: MEDEA). The short presentation is to go into an information leaflet for free distribution.

    I would be delighted, if that were possible (please advise on how to give proper credits). Thanks in advance,

    Cornelia Nauen

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