Llego en Qosqo


Yo estoy en Qosqo ahora, despues veinte horas en el bus. The bus stopped twice the whole time and you’d run out to pee and the bus would be pulling away as you were waggling your peni. I listened to my Creative Zen the whole time, I’m glad I brought the thing. Qosqo is very pretty and much more affluent than what I’ve seen in Peru thus far due to the fervent tourism. Yes, there are gringos everywhere. Which means there’s vegetarian restaurants everywhere, an anamoly elsewhere in Peru. I just ate some estofado de soya, it was pretty disgusting. I’m going to stick to the traditional comida Peruana now that I’ve warmed my ass up to it. There’s a lot of museo type stuff to see around here, catedrals, inca oro, etc, so I’ll probably go do a little bit of that for the afternoon. I haven’t actually popped my head into a museum yet in Peru. In the night there’s tons of live music so I’ll go tipple a bit tonight perhaps to help myself acclimitize to the altitude. I’m quite confident that anywhere I go here there will be a contingent of brazen Kiwis or French backpackers already there getting tanked. There’s an Irish bar right next to my hospedaje.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Llego en Qosqo”

  1. Hey, I just caught up with all your recent posts. I’m finally done with finals. The pictures are great, and I just wanted to say I enjoy hearing the narrative of your travels, it’s like I am travelling vicariously through you. You can get all deep and profound about it in good time, but for now we really do enjoy knowing your itinerary, and seeing your spanish get better and better, too.

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