Ceramic Arts


I just drank algunas Cusqueñas maltas and ate a club sandwich (yeah, I’m getting a little less adventurous these days with my eating habits) and watched some futbol in an Irish pub. Yes, an Irish pub. Then I went to look for another bar and got a little lost, so I swung into an internet place instead. I’m definitely feeling the altitude a bit, it really tires you out until you acclimate. Today I went to a museum of Pre-Columbian art, pots and bowls and stuff, it was actually a very intelligent exhibit providing interesting insight into space and meaning as denoted by inscriptions on ancient water carriers. Some of the pottery is pretty intricate and trippy, there’s this one that looks like the maker was on san pedro or ayahuasca, there’s all these kind of contorted half-formed faces and animals bubbling out of it. It was funny because the rooms progressed in terms of chronology, and after the Incan room there was a last little footnote of a room with Spanish paintings from the following era of colonization, all of them depressing depictions of Christ. There were no insightful labels next to these paintings. In a way, it very distinctly said, “and look at what the conquistador fuckers did to our art with their tasteless religious crap.” Here they were making these beautifully intricate bowls and cups and gigantic earrings, and then suddenly. . . pictures of a pale half-naked white man dying. Gold and silver lost their symbolic stature and became mere coinage, items used solely in commerce and no longer in rituals and ceremonies. The imposition of monetary value on things which once held much deeper signification.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

One thought on “Ceramic Arts”

  1. I’m glad you saw an exhibit that you enjoyed. I think museums can really vary in temrs of the quality of the display/descriptions. A good exhibit will put the pieces into context so that you are not just staring at some pot wondering what the fuck it may have been used for.

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