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Para la Navidad, Peruanos comen Panetón, pan dulce de frutas secas. ¡Que rico! Esta noche compro algo panetón y la cerveza Pilsen grande y dividir con mis amigos aca. Mañana salgo para Cuzco. Veinte horas en un bus. Ay!

If you keep up with international news, you know that Evo Morales just swept into power in Bolivia. Morales is an Indian and a strong supporter of native farmer rights to grow coca. He desires to strengthen government control of hydrocarbons and wrest the power back nationally from international investors. With Venezuela’s example, it certainly seems possible without destabilizing Bolivia’s economy. Interesting turn of events, to be sure. Peru is also having elections fairly soon next year. El último presidente, antes Toledo, was Alan Garcia, who also was an Indian and came from humble beginnings. However, he turned out to be a disappointment. I hope Peru can find someone with some integrity.
There is a growing contingent of fairly radical left-leaning politics in South America, and I’m sure the US administration is gathering in clandestine meetings to grumble and shift their haunches menacingly. The exponentially growing market in China for hydrocarbons means that no longer can the US turn the screw and expect the poor oil-rich nations to tremble in supplication. It’s the dawn of a new century in global politics, and it certainly doesn’t look like the US can possibly maintain the kind of dominance it once had at the cusp of the cold war. There’s the EU, China, and rebellious developing nations to deal with, not to mention an ongoing pointless war in Iraq (remember that one?) that I don’t think even Cheney really has the palate for anymore. Believe it or not, the US may at some point in the near future have to actually exercise real diplomacy as opposed to strong-arm thuggery, world bank bullying, and other subtler forms of terrorism such as Hollywood. Imagine that!


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