As you can see I finally posted a few photographs. If you go back to the earlier posts you will see some more.
I am planning on leaving Lima soon for Cuzco, where I will spend la Navidad y el año nuevo. It’s something like a 20 hour bus ride, I believe. I decided to forgo swinging through Chincha and Ica and Arequipa for right now because of the proximity to Christmas. Yes, indeed, I am heading to the Gringo Capital of Peru! But the allure of all the things it has to offer was just too great for me to resist. The main draw was that some of the friends I’ve met recently will be there for Christmas. The other thing is that I want more and more to explore the jungle, and the Manu Biosphere Reserve and other areas are nearby. And of course, the requisite trek to Macchu Piccu.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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