Meandering Message

Vacas en el Rio
It would appear that the dragons in mi anos are getting slayed.
Jovenes aquí love the internet. There’s these lugares called cabinas de internet on every block. It’s always full of youths chatting or playing video games. Chatting on the internet seems to be the thing to do. There’s also a lot of television watching going on. As to why I can’t fathom, because all that is ever on are soap operas, and they are horrible. They do have some pretty steamy love scenes though.
All I’ve eaten today is an anti-biotic, a multi-vitamin, and a piece of bread.
I am going to out to a Peña later tonight and will hopefully not drink more than 2 cervezas and dance some salsa.
I’ve figured out that there is indeed a USB connection I can use on the computer at my hostal, so a few pictures will be probably be forthcoming in a day or two.
I’m a little bit scared to eat because I think that as soon as I eat the dragons will return. So this time when I do eat, I will not consume the 2 cosas that I did before: 1) foul-smelling mariscos o 2) pizza. I will eat sopa and bread. I swear. I think I’ve learned my lesson. It’s unfortunate, because I think from now on I will be hesitant to try anything new ever again after smelling comida Peruana coming out of my ass for 2 weeks. All I want to eat now are familiar things, safe things. Things like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Jello. Bottled fruit juice. Maybe some dark chocolate . . .
I apologize for my negative statements ayer. It’s just kind of depressing how dirty things are here and how hopelessly corrupt the government is. The Peruanos themselves don’t generally speak of the government, but when they do there’s a kind of patient sadness in their acknowledgment of its negligence. It’s a way of life, these are people who not so long ago were oppressed by dictatorship, I believe, and there’s perhaps at least a kind of freedom to be found in the laxity of authority ahora.
I guess the trade off for the tourist who complains of filth and corruption is that it is cheap, no? If I wanted picturesque harmony of people and governing systems then I should have gone to Finland. If I wanted mindless hand-led tourism I should have gone to . . .I don’t know, Disneyland in Tokyo or something. I am here and my purpose is not to cast judgement on the way things or people are here. My purpose is to discover the purpose and meaning which the people give to their lives here and to share my own with them. Ok!


Author: manderson

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2 thoughts on “Meandering Message”

  1. No no, you were quite right. Simply because I was in a foul state of mind and body was no excuse to vent my frustrations in the form of an elitist cultural stance. Did I say I hate this city? I love this city. Ambos.

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