The Stomach Dragon Rant

Bathroom in the Mountains
I think maybe I have giardiasis, because I remember someone telling me you have a bunch of sulpherous belches with giardia, and I’ve been venting these swampy, fermented foul smelling burps all day. Yep, still fighting the stomach dragons. I’ve been really stupid with what I’ve been eating, I know I should be eating sopa and bland foods, and of course hoy I go and eat pizza for almuerzo. My body is starting to really get run down, so I finally gave in and began taking anti-biotics today and then slept most of the day. If I do have giardiasis, then it probably won’t help anyway. So I’m in a really bad mood today and I feel like right now I hate this city. It’s filthy and hopeless and depressing, let’s be honest. And while I’m talking about dirty, let me tell you about the mountains in Peru. Yeah, they are big and ominous and gorgeous and all that. They are also scattered everywhere with shit and garbage. Hiking in these mountains was the first time that I felt homesick, because at least there is some semblance of “leave no trace” ethics in my beloved Desolation Wildreness. People in Peru don’t even understand the concept of garbage, I don’t think. It seems that they think plastics will simply become one with the foliage and earth. It’s depressing. Alright, sorry I am being negative, just had to vent a little. I can’t wait to get out of this city. I am right now trying to decide whether I should go to northern Peru or southern. To the north lies the beaches of Mancora wherein two of mi amigos de los estados unidos reside, and which is furthermore cerca de Colombia, wherein lives my cousin, the platanos and cafè farmer. To the south lies all of the new friends I’ve encountered along the way, and una fiesta por la Navidad en Cuzco. So I’ve got to make my decision at the end of this week and then hop on another bus. Did I say that I hate buses? The bus drivers here drive a doubledecker bus as if it were a sportster, you can feel the top of the bus careening to the side as they take turns at maximum speed . . . You know, the whole disregard for human life thing. . .

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

3 thoughts on “The Stomach Dragon Rant”

  1. You know how in the United States you put your trash into a can outside and it magically disappears? That happens because we have a government-run infrastructure that takes it away for us and buries it in a landfill. Some people don’t have such conveniences. I’m just saying.

  2. Yes, that’s true. However, even in places where such conveniences are available, such as in Lima, the attitude is the same–people just toss trash onto the ground.

  3. Anyway, you’re right, I shouldn’t blame la gente for the corruption of their government, just as people shouldn’t blame me for the US administration’s crap. I was in a pretty bad mood last night, lo siento.

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