Back from the Trek

Hola amigos, I’m waiting on the 7 hour bus ride back to Lima. I returned from the trek in the Cordillera Blancas yesterday, hung out with the girls that I hiked with and some French dudes that were also trekking in the same direction and ate some cuy (guinea pig) which seemed to me not worth the trouble for the little meat there was on it. We went out and drank some coca sours and cervezas, and then I could feel mi estomago burbling and I went to the bathroom and projectile shat all over the servicio higìenico. I subsequently spent one of the worst nights of my life shitting and vomiting all night long, not even able to hold down agua. The reason for this was that we were drinking el agua de los rios en las montañas, which are full of vaca mierda.
I’m doing a little better this morning, hopefully I will not shit all over the bus on the way back to Lima.
The trek was great, at one point at Punto Union we were at around 15,000 feet. Acclimitizing to the altitude was difficult but not too bad. I was hiking with Franck and Carlos, the trek guides, and two Peruvian girls, Patti and Sandra, and a girl from Quebec, Katri. There was a lot of French and Español spoken.
For my birthday, the girls and the French guys sang happy birthday in French and Spanish to me. I was embarassed and very pleased.
The French guys, who I originally disliked, have proved to be some of those irreplaceable beneficiaries in my life. Last night when I was sick they took me back to their hostal and gave me medicine and advice (banana and a Coca Cola with the gas removed). Their kindness in that kind of situation was invaluable to me, and I will be sure to return the favor when I see them in Lima or Cuzco. One of them, Mattieu, is really into hip-hop, so he will share his French hip-hop with me and I will share my American hip-hop. I also had a great political conversation in broken English and Spanish and French with Alejandro y I don’t remember his name because it was too French, in which I set the record straight about America not being led by George Bush in thinking that France sucks and that we need to call French Fries Freedom Fries.
The night before I went on the trek I went out to a disco and had a great night drinking coca sours, chewing coca leaves, and dancing salsa y merengue. I met a nice girl from Huaraz, Karina, and hopefully I will see her again in Lima. She teaches children with disabilities. I also met a dude from Spain and a dude from Brazil and we will probably meet up again en la futura. Making these random friends who you can barely even communicate with is really fulfilling. It’s like you’re realizing a basis of rapport beyond language. My spanish is getting better but mi vocabulario es muy poquito. I am returning to Lima for una semana mas of studying and then I will begin the real journey.
Alright, it’s time for me to go to the bus station and get out of this wonderful pueblo and return to la ciudad grande y sucía. Thank you to all of you for wishing me a Happy Birthday, and I wish everyone I knew was here. Hasta luego!


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Back from the Trek”

  1. Feliz cumple Mark! Disculpame, I hadn’t known it was your b-day earlier. Semester has ended and I finally have time to catch up with everyone I know. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time (la mierda notwithstanding). It’s really a rite of passage for all travellers. I can’t wait to escuchar mas historias de tus viajes.

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