10: The water here is different. I don’t mean just in like the way you can’t drink it from the tap. Like the water feels different when you take a shower, it doesn’t run off of your body, it kind of sticks to it, which makes soaping up difficult because you never seem to have enough water. It just doesn’t flow like the water I’m accustomed to. It has a kind of grittiness and substance to it.
11: When you greet a woman, you kiss her on her right cheek.

Tonight I am taking a bus to Huaraz, and from there I will take a four day trekking journey through the Cordillera Blanca. I decided to suspend my Spanish classes for this week to go on this trip, and then renew them again next week. I am going with my friend Frank who works at my hostal and a group of Peruvian and Canadian chicas. Muy bueno. I will hopefully get some good pictures finally of some mountains and such. I haven’t been taking very many pictures in Lima because it’s just cars and buildings and I don’t like looking like a tourist in the middle of a city. I haven’t been able to upload any of my pictures yet, you may have to wait until I return to los Estados Unidos, lo siento!

Dammit, the diarrhea has come again. It never really left, to be honest, but now it’s come back in full vengeance. I really need to be more careful with the water or what I eat or something.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

3 thoughts on “Hoy”

  1. No se. I eat pretty much everything that’s put down in front of me, which is probably the problem. Every day I find a new little restaurante and pick something that I haven’t tried and usually don’t know what the hell it is. I figure mi estomago will get used to it eventually. Hell, it could be from water on my toothbrush or something. What’s a few loose stools here and there anyhow!

  2. DUDE!! You were eating frickin ceviche!! that’s raw. Well, a few loose stools here and there is fine, until you’re on a long bus ride sitting next to a chica muy caliente.

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