Fed up with the tourist train

I was feeling a bit lonely last night. My friends have finals for the next few days so I was feeling the full weight of being alone in a foreign city. I went to the muy touristico Calle de Pizza en Parque Kennedy for pizza, hoping to calm my troubled estomago con queso. There’s lots of pretty chicas circumambulating around that area, but I’m sick of hustlers coming up to me and acting like they are mi amigo simply because yo soy de Estadaounidense. These guys always happen to be from East LA or Nueva York and they’ve got kids to feed and they work at a tattoo parlor and they can get you some weed or cocaine, and it’s like I’m supposed to be all thrilled because they hablas ingles? I’ve been avoiding other foreigners like the plague. I deliberately took un hostal lejos de Parque Kennedy because that’s where all the backpackers congregate en Miraflores. This hostal is only 7 dollars a day–can’t really argue with that–I am staying en la dormatario, but there is no one else here. El único problema is that there are no towels, so I have to use mis pantalones to dry myself off despues uso la ducha.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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