Enfermo en Lima

So all yesterday afternoon and last night I paid for the excess of comida Peruana that I ate. Man, when the shit hits you like that, it´s just like vomiting out your ass. My stomach is still burbling as I write this. I slept most of the afternoon yesterday and then watched Touching the Void, which is a pretty crazy flick about the worst possible shit that could happen to you climbing, I recommend it if you haven´t seen it or read it. It takes place in the Andes in Peru.
The way people drive in Lima is interesting, it´s pretty much lawless as far as I can tell, yet everything seems to flow pretty well, people seem much more skillful in their driving ability than people in the US, who freeze up if their car comes closer than several inches to an object. You have to drive super aggressive if you want to get anywhere here–basically do what you need to do to get where you want, even if that means crossing over two lanes in front of other speeding cars–and disregard the horns of the cars around you. Because traffic here will not stop for you unless you force it to. No one will slow down and give you a nice little space to back into.
My friends here in Peru and their families have shown me incredible hospitality. I don´t think I would do anything here at all if I didn´t know them. So far, Miraflores is pretty damn boring, I still haven´t gone anywhere to do touristy things yet. I admit that I´m not very driven to go to museums. The weather here is very sunny and warm during the day, then it gets colder at night due to the moisture in the air. Where I am is very similar to La Jolla in many ways.
The traces of money here is immediately evident, like a streambed crafted from water. The houses are all surrounded by iron gates, so before you can enter the courtyard you need to enter the gate. Security guards stand before most apartment complexes and nice houses. The people living in poverty in Peru is something like 50 to 60 percent of the population. Lima is surrounded everywhere by settlements of squatters.
Alright, now I need to go get a Spanish dictionary and do my homework.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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