Another day, another sol

Natalia y Mama
So the guys hanging out the sides of buses shouting and gesticulating wildly are in fact employees of the bus–they are like conductors in a way. I took a bus home last night after visiting mi amiga Natalia y ella mama. It was interesting talking to her mom, who spoke no Ingles, because I would say something and then Natalia would translate, and then her mom would say something and Natalia would translate. Natalia can´t speak great Ingles either, which made it yet more interesante. Her mom gave me a shot of Pisco, which reminded me somewhat of grappa and brandy–it was very strong. Taking the bus is kind of how I imagine Toad´s Wild Ride would be from the Wind in the Willows. The bus careens wildly through the streets, stopping for noone except those who stand on a corner and hail it desperately. There´s the conductor dude, who stands holding the door of the bus (more accurately, a tiny minivan) by a string, shouting out the stops and negotiating whether a person standing on the corner wishes to be picked up or not. I remember thinking that this is the way a bus should be. It is only 1 sol to take the bus, as compared to 4 or 5 soles for the taxi. Unfortunately I got lost afterward for a while trying to find my way back to my hotel.
Anyway, so it´s kinda weird being here, and mi muy poquito Castellano seems to get yet smaller with each day. I´m enrolling in 2 weeks of intensive Spanish courses, so I´m going to stick it out in Lima for a while longer and see what the nightlife is all about.
I saw my Peruvian ex-girlfriend last night also. I hadn´t expected to see her, and I´m not quite sure what she´s thinking, she would only speak in Spanish to me. I think she was mad at me because I didn´t express enough joy and delight upon seeing her and Natalia, which is due more to my natural reticence than any lack of joy.
I just ate a dish of ceviche, which was good, quite strong on the lemon however, but with the onions it seemed to balance out nicely. I´m in the process of getting my laundry done and finding a place to stay where I can come in late at night if I´ve been out shaking mi culo, because I just found out the place I got right now doesn´t let you come in past 11. No bueno.
I haven´t really taken any pictures yet, so hopefully some will be forthcoming. I´m not quite sure yet if I can upload them to these computers, but I´m sure I can find one where I can if I put some effort into it, considering that there´s an internet cafe on every street.


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