Helo from the Southern Hemisphere

Ive arrived in Lima, which thus far appears to be a strange blend of Las Vegas, Tijuana, and La Jolla. My minimal amount of Spanish is coming into good use. The car drivers here apparently do not stop for pedestrians, as I just learned the hard way. I went ahead and splurged on a nice hotel room for my first two nights in order to get settled in and figure a few things out. I get the feeling that this is an off season for tourism, due to lowered prices.
Simply being on a plane with mainly Peruano and Argentinean passengers already kind of inducted me into the feeling of being an alien. They seem mildly curious in a friendly but reserved kind of way, which is fine with me.
The little buses that rip around here always have a man hanging out of the side window and gesticulating and shouting things to passerbys, especially girls. I think this is some form of accepted bus behavioral pasttime.
My city experience has fortunately prepared me well to walk around here and pretend to fit right in even though my albino shaved head sticks out like a sore thumb.
Alright, Im going to go find a nice little food joint to have lunch in. More to come.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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