Getting Ready

San Francisco
Who are we and why do we live there? Always gathered into journeyed pools of light, the human being falls down stream to find itself already defined. I’m learning the value in preparing oneself for the unknown. It seems there are constantly arising these complete voids between now and then, and if you don’t have some kind of a map or a gameplan, then there is nothing but anxiety. I’m not talking about itineraries and erecting barriers of scheduled safety necessarily, more along the lines of developing a purpose and direction in my drifting. What exactly is it that I wish to gain from visiting this foreign country for an extended period of time? I will tell you, in brief, my goals: to drink beer made from maize, to hear some live local music, to dance Peruano style, to learn the language as best I can, and to eat some good seafood.
I’ve spent the last week shaking my booty in San Francisco, and now that I’ve warmed it up a little, I’m ready to get out of this country and shake it somewhere else. Two more days, and I’m there.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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