Trick or Treat

I spent a capitalist Halloween. Waited in line for what must have been 2 hours in a ninja mask and ski pants and a gigantic conical hat, sweat globules running down my ass. Finally got in so that I could wait another 20 minutes to get a drink. Watched people dressed in attire designed to hopefully get them laid: Halloween club attire. Like creative slut wear. There was another 2 hours of a costume contest run by the local ClearChannel radio station MC’d by a woman in a thong and angel wings. It was tedious and annoying, except for the thong, probably not helped by my state of mind after waiting in line and nearly passing out from lack of oxygen. Once the dancing finally commenced to everyone’s top 40 favorites, there was barely any room to maneuver more than an ass cheek here or a shoulder there. All in all, I finally managed to have a good time once I shrugged off the bitterness of feeling like herded cattle and started just dancing the way I like to, without giving a fuck about social implications. It’s nice to see some slutty girls in skimpy outfits getting down, I have to admit there is some form of redemption for the night in that. Gotta love this culture of consumption for what it is.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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