Inner Outward

There is a place within our souls untainted by the touch of external things. Find this place and expose it to the light of the moon, sun, stars or any source of flame you can see. It is here that gravity unknown exerts its dark force upon all the universe. It is here that you find that you have been alive and awake for as long as you remember, and as long as you remember goes far past your birthday. You extend far into the future, here. Here there is wisdom never to be unearthed by any archeologist but it is writ in the annals of shamans and schizos and MCs. It is everywhere. It is nowhere but in the deepest heart of every person. All of these things, all of these things flow past like the wind on your surface, and you are balled up at the bottom, holding your breath, watching the dream of shadows moving somewhere almost beyond comprehension. Let them go. You know what you know, and no one can tell it to you. Everything in your life exists to awaken you to yourself. Listen to the silence in the deep, surrounding you, encompassing you. Release your breath. You flail, you struggle, but there is only one thing that can reach you here. It is nothing that can hold you, but it embodies you.

Believe me, I know of this loneliness. And I believe that it is something that can be shared.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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