Art Fruit = Fart

‘Artistic’ energy is like organic farming. Forces must be in balance, must be cultivated, understood, worshipped. Crops must be rotated so that the soil is not depleted. Love and dedication. Sustainability, beyond oneself, is the keystone. For life, growing aware of itself, either wishes to reproduce or destroy itself. I wish someday to be able to pluck a sprig of fresh parsley from my garden, chop up some of my own carrots with the good earth still clinging to its crevices, my own nurtured garlic, some washed and deep green spinach, sauteed with Tamari and chili paste, poured steaming over brown rice cooked in a cast iron pot over an open fire. To rely on nothing but knowledge and worship for my life. The reason why I write is because I am capable of it. I am able to express a bounty beyond myself that I can nurture, that I can pluck out and present as a host to you, my cherished guest, a platter of my love, of the universe here in my heart.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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