Baby Talk

I have never experienced any greater happiness than in causing my nephew, Bjorn, to smile. It’s the most fulfilling experience, to watch pure joy spread like a light across his little face and knowing that I somehow managed to cause it. It’s a happiness akin to awe. I always have this underlying fear around babies that they will look at me and begin to cry.
It’s amazing how receptive babies are to their environment, the way information is conveyed so transparently on their faces.
I was reminded when I was crying recently of watching Bjorn sobbing when he pooped his pants. The anguish in his crying was expressed in all parts of his being, his tiny plump limbs convulsing, coming from the very core of his existence. I felt like I was crying in the way he cried, raw and wailing. To grieve is to become like a baby, vulnerable to the heavens.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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