I keep remembering our last night,

the way we struggled to create

chains that would bind us through eternity,

knowing that nothing would last.

The way we finally fell asleep,

til the alarm on my phone

came buzzing like a call

that someone had just died,


and you immediately

began mourning

as I set about being practical,

like a puppet

hollowly enacting higher commands.

Our love was amputated, no matter what long distance conversations filled with silence we gave. Hopeless seances, groping longingly for something no longer there except in memory. And here you live still in my heart, an apparition of what could have been.

Being with you was like constructing an intricate pyre of our desire, carving out all of our deepest dreams in each other and setting it on fire. It was desperate, it was everything that reality could not be. I don’t regret a minute of it. I don’t regret breaking our hearts. Because it was the right thing to do, there was never a question in my mind that creating a window of beauty only to be broken was worth it. I finally understood, with you, that true love is always worth the sacrifice of long periods of lonely suffering. Even if it might mean a lifetime of sadness. There is never a reason to hold back when love is near. We must give all, we must give everything for something that can never be possessed.

So yeah, I miss you. More perhaps now than I ever did, missing the very idea of you, the place in imagination that allowed you to exist within me.

It’s amazing how something so fleeting can be worth all of my life. One must, of course, always look back down at the ground and climb back from the mountain top and return home. I walked in the front door and everything was the same but everything was different, and would never be as it was. Every time something in me dies, another world opens up before me and it is like being born again, shuddering in the light with only pain to wake me.

I walk through the world with your emptiness before me. And I will remember you when my heart is filled with love again.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

3 thoughts on “You”

  1. Mark,

    Hey i love some of your blogs/poetry especially this one, i loved the sentance ‘I keep remembering our last night, the way we struggled to create
    chains that would bind us through eternity,
    knowing that nothing would last’ Who’s the girl??

    It is great that you can express all your feelings about Toby etc on this blog i bet it feels good to put the world to rights!

    I may start doing my own……..infact i have just set up my own account! I know that i have offered before and i don’t to hassle you but if you ever want to go for a drink or stay over at mine you are more than welcome. I can understand though that you want to be around people that have experienced the same as you. It is kinda hard for me i as i never knew him aswell as others here. I think there is a big difference of experiences from people who live in and those who live in town.

    Anyway you may well see my blogs on here soon, under mattgatt.


  2. Yeah we’ll definitely hang out one of these nights when I can get my ass out of this place. Good luck with your blog, I can post a link when you get up and running.

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