So how long will the media outrage over Bush’s inenept administration last? Til the spin machine spits out something new for them to drivel over. Til another disaster somewhere else strikes. Bush and Co are probably waiting/plotting for another terrorist attack to divert attention back to propaganda, war, and fear mongering.

How long did it take for the polls to start showing a slight majority of American’s awareness that things were awry? 2 terms of blantantly criminal bullshit. I suppose late is better than never, but what distresses me about the whole thing is realizing that as soon as the average American gets his/her span of attention diverted again, and grow complacent and used to high gas prices, they will go back to supporting whatever the top idiot over at the Pentagon is spooging.

The disaster in New Orleans will be turned into some story about the horrible tragedy of nature, and the unfortunate inability of FEMA to immediately respond. What will be ignored and subsequently erased from offical history is the funds taken from the Corps of Engineers by the Bush Administration for the ‘War’ in Iraq. What will be ignored is the Bush Administration’s signing away of protective natural wetlands to developers. What will be ignored is the plain truth that the disaster in New Orleans was due to negligence, not nature. It was not a tragedy. It was a crime.

So let’s be honest. I know that Bush and Co are not any more to blame for this fucked up world than many other individuals. Ultimately, of course, we’re all getting fucked over. But who is going to take responsibility for this mess? If I were President of the United States, would I ignore all of the poor and destitute people of this nation? Would I ignore all of the increasingly unhealthy lifestyles and lowering junior high school grades of my constituents? Would I take vacations on my fucking ranch? No. I can honestly say that this is not the way I would ever run any nation under my jurisdiction. I can honestly say that there is nothing going on right now in politics beyond my understanding, and that anyone with any kind of knowledge right now knows that our current administration is fucking all of us and all of the world in the worst way. There isn’t any kind of secret to politics. Politics stands for the interaction of officials. Officials are supposed to stand for the constituents who they represent. What has happened between your life and the old dumb greedy motherfuckers in Washington? What has happened is propaganda and blinding lights and mass hysteria. The plain truth is there for all to see.

The plain truth is that the power lies within your mind. A mind without blinders can see plainly that nothing can be controlled. But all can be harmonized.

Some would argue that the whole system should be destroyed. I might agree, if I thought it would lead to anything better. Some might argue that the whole method of our current way of thought should be erased. I might agree, if our neural pathways weren’t historically established. But I would argue that all that needs to really change is that all of us human beings open our minds to what must occur for us to survive as a species. What must occur is purging and clarity. What must occur is embrace and forgiveness. What must occur is movement forward. What must occur is balance and sustainability and acceptance of pain and suffering and hard work and love and siestas and festivals. What must occur is what is already happening with or without us. So let us join with what is happening. Let us join with what must happen. Let us happen.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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