You Should Be Riding The Waves

Who would you be with no friends, no lovers, no daily positive feedback? What is it within you that sustains your mind through fasting?

Leaves are a manifestation of the sun. With or without the tree, the light would continue to fall.

The source of all beauty lies beyond visibility. The water drawn through roots cannot be touched for its flame. All of these objects are roadsigns on the path. Look ahead, sister, and remember where you are going. You are going far beyond understanding.

If you took your heart and coated it in amber, you could put it under glass and study it and calculate the amount of love it holds. But what would be the point? You already know without thinking that this extends back to forever from nothing. Your essence is meaningless without the constant flow of blood bearing the outside world within. There is no in with no out. Embedded in each and every moment, your union with God is closer than you are to yourself. Stop trying to catch a fish with questions.

Who cares about lines drawn in the sand? You should be riding the waves.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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