News item: Pat Robertson, the US gov, and Chavez

Here’s a great little news story I read today about Pat Robertson’s comments about Venezuela’s Chavez, read the full story at:

Here’s some nice tidbits:

Chavez, as the news reports, “has the widespread support of his country’s poor.” “His opponents, largely drawn from the country’s middle and upper classes, accuse him of undermining democratic institutions.” (Chavez was elected in a recall referendum in 2004 by 58% of the voters. That’s better than Bush did, isn’t it?)
Condoleeza Rice, the Official White House Gimp, calls Venezuela a “negative force” in the region. Rumsfeld “has suggested Chavez’s government has interfered with the internal affairs of other countries in the region.” So because Chavez supports his country’s poor and sells oil in his country’s and region’s own best interest, he is a “negative force.” Or, in the more appropriate words of Pat Robertson, Chavez is a “‘a terrific danger’ bent on exporting Communism and Islamic extremism across the Americas.”
So Pat Robertson, logically, called for the American special forces to “take him out.”
Here’s the part that really made me chortle, though. Rumsfeld states that “our department doesn’t do that kind of thing.” Right. The CIA hasn’t had anything to do with deposing other countries’ democratically elected presidents and destabilizing any foreign nations at all. No, of course not.
Anyway, I like this Chavez guy. He has the balls and political savvy to put up the middle finger to the United States, and of course, this makes him a “negative force” to all American corporate and political interests. And extremist fundamentalist Christian interests as well. Keep chuggin away Chavez.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

One thought on “News item: Pat Robertson, the US gov, and Chavez”

  1. this really shows how ignorant people can really be. For a man of God to say kill another person just because he’s selling oil to other nations, shows how much he really is speaking for God.
    The Spokesman

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