Chartreuse Cheers

Knowin that the essence of my flow lies within compassion for alien life forms, I drink a cup of this elixir for long life to your health, to your exploration of self, to your continuing struggle to work past your childhood issues. To be able to take a toot with any tinker, this is the goal. To find the way past all mundane happenstance appearances to the critical burning core that anyone breathing can know. Who cannot be understood? What cannot be forgiven? Evil is lines drawn in the sand. The breeze of beyond anger blows over the ugliest of scars, the indifferent sea of time smoothens the hardest of hangups. Habits are the most difficult of dangers to overcome. So I try to work to habitually love, to habitually be myself, to habitually challenge any bullshit that come my way.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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