One More Night in SLT

Another crazy night in Tahoe. Went out to the local club where I drank a copious amount of gin n tonics and danced to corporate sponsored booty music all night. Gotta love the things you gotta do sometimes in order to free up the kinks in your system, the extreme measures you take on nights off to shake up your state of mind so greatly that you realize why you don’t adhere to society’s standardized reductions of sexuality. Yeah, this is why I hate top 40 music! I forget sometimes until I try to dance to it all night. Fun can still be had in the shaking of the tuchus at any rate, especially when there’s at least some tightly clad foriegn women in proximity. It is all such inane bullshit, but I gotta say it’s still kinda fun when given the right mindset. My friends and I ended up hanging out with some Irish girls who were completely off their rocker til 6:30 in the morning. I’m not so sure that Ireland is a place I care to visit anymore, if these girls are any indication. They were shrieking shrilly constantly until 6 in the morning. I would have left a long time before, except my buddy had latched on to one of them, and so I fell asleep intermittently on the couch. I think the whole ordeal was worth it, however, for when they started trying to stick condoms over their faces. See picture. This is the kind of thing one does to liberate oneself from boredom in Tahoe, my friends.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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