Yes, now here in this space of place-time I am conferring transferrence of hitherto privatized words into cyberspatial interstitial form. I haven’t been writing much at all lately, and what I have written has been so embarrasingly child-like that I would be loath to even glance at it ever again. But there has been things bubbling and frothing somewhere in some darkened grotto of my dome, strands of emotions waiting to be solidified and brought to light someday as words on a page which happens to be this one you are now viewing. I’ll start the page off with a few old and familiar favorites just to see how they look in this newfangled frame, and then henceforth, hopefully, some new items shall be displayed. Eventually, or in late November to be exact, this forum shall also be used as a travel log for the 80 days whilst I am in South America. Please come visit every now and then so that I can feel loved.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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