Sometimes the world, the wide sea of circumstances wraps you up in its tentacled coils and suddenly you are acting and watching yourself act and having no idea wherefore or why. There are forces within yourself beyond your immediate knowing. Your life is indeed a mystery. Every new situation posits a crumb trail of clues to your heart, but the central motive must remain hidden, like dark matter, exerting an inescapable pull towards your omega point–by the time you have awoken, you’ve already stepped out over the edge.

I looked up at the stars tonight and knew their light within me. My life is incredibly beautiful, and it is a song I must sing. I don’t know what note will come out of me next, but I can feel it birthing itself in the barricades of my innermost being, and it feels good, it feels fucking good. And I enjoy this stillness that listens.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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