everybody feels the wind blow

i will tell you what i have discovered of love. it opens up your core and your eyes can see so deeply into each moment that before were veiled by fear of pain. you can look at the impassive beauty of the sunset on the lake and truly experience it, because you know what gives it meaning. i am like an alien in your bedroom, baring you to my curiosity. yes, there are walls of suffering everywhere trying to stop our bodies from knowing eternity. but despite all insecurity, we cross into each other like boundaries were the dream, and our freedom scientifick reality. when i fall through space to find my lips on your surface, i sense shimmering waves billowing from far below what can be known. hunger to get there, to get to that place that we spend all of our life to remember. i would wait forever by this emptiness just to feel the gentle quiver of my heartstring plucked from another universe, breathing for the moment when my deepest self is hooked into you.
love is the verification of everything that you have become. love is the refutation of everything you have been. love is here. love is now.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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