like so imagine this over a salsa beat, in miami streets, in the kind of
heat that makes the city wired with sweat. imagine that you are somebody
who is exciting, somebody who sprinkles their bangs in the air and everyone
shakes to the music, in the trembling sacrifice of all expectations,
cut across the horizon of care, there is only image, sparkling water on the
screen, a toning of gravity. the sexiest spirit in the heavens enters the
body of a woman, and all of the people dance in devotion. there is
competition, there is rivalry, there is bitterness. it blends into the
sweetness of her shining. the drummers play to draw the invisible out.
whosoever saith that taming of cobras is a hoax because cobras are
hypnotized not by the sound of a flute, but rather by its motion, are fools.
there is magic in every movement. a tunnel in the fabric of reality to a
world that won’t be understood, only created. it appears, transmitted by
your tongue, by your vision, by your trail in the sand. it comes through
you, out of you, into a space where it is devoured. the feeding of the
hungry children of the light.
become addicted to what is positive. we are not drifting apart. we are
coagulating into orbs so delicate, formed from the deepest toughest roots in
the earth, that when we are crushed, the finest wine in the many worlds will
be drunk by the gods, and they will throw a party of vast dimensions. yeah.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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