5 Points Constellating

* trying to get closer to this moment, into the multifold waves of all the
universes that wash together into the deep silence when you sit on the
mountain top at night to watch the stars vibrating their past into your
picture, when you can see everything milky, shining, thick, frothing and
beautiful, when you smoke and drink and think and say a few things into the
stillness where everything moves around you

* and how small we are, how infinite, how prolonged is our life when it
extends out to everything. if we destroy this world we have meshed within,
how the waves will spread, how they will echo, how the mountains resound
with thunder, how it fades and leaves the trembling children triumphant in
their mortality.

* and knowing this, that we can go anywhere, and everywhere, and that we are
not stuck, that we are not bound by our weapons of mass destruction, that
our so-called leaders have control over nothing, that none of us have
anything but words, but tongues, but delicate reedy leaves that vibrate with
the wind.

* watch the enfolding of the currents in the arms of the grass. watch the
faces of your friends flutter with the flux of energy that you manifest.
listen to the voices that merge into your memory. open your window and
watch the world billow with your releasing breath. that is simple. let it
be simple.

* peace. what else is there to struggle for? justice. what else is there
to learn? love. what more is there to give?

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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