Are You An American?

I’m sick of all these bleeding heart liberals, these socialists and communists, these losers who try to tell us that we shouldn’t be going to war. You know what? Fuck all the bullshit. Let’s stop this lying and reassuring of humanitarian interests by politicians. Politicians and the military and corporations–their main interest is money. So why do they have to bullshit to these bleeding heart losers? War is good for the economy. All these tree hugging bastards would rather see the American nation be poor and destitute, have us be swinging from the trees. Who cares about those smelly barbarians in third world countries? Fuck em. They’ve got all of our oil. That’s OUR oil. We’ve got 20,000 nuclear weapons. I think that entitles us to whatever the hell we want. We’re the most powerful nation, EVER. And we didn’t get that way by pussyfootin around. We did it through blood and sweat and war. We came here and we told them Indians, “get off our motherfucking land, cuz you’re not using it, you’re wasting it.” We told them blacks, “work our motherfucking land, cuz you’re lazy asses and you might as well be doing something for civilization and progress other than just singin and dancin.” We told them Mexicans, “give us your motherfucking land, cuz we need more, cuz we deserve to spread from sea to shining sea.”
I’m sick of all this politically “correct” bullshit. Let’s tell it like it is. There’s a real simple way to solve the world’s problems. For instance, this Palestinean “problem.” Well, if they just get rid of them, then there’s no problem, is there? And what’s with this terrorist bullshit? Why don’t we just nuke all the goddamned Arabs, get rid of that Islamic bullshit. This is a Christian nation, and this is the strongest nation in the world. I think that says something about whose side God is on.
So what use is it to stand in the way? What’s the use in all this complaining and whining? All these commie bastards should be lined up and shot. They’re all just losers, whining about their “victimization.” Shit, they’re making themselves victims by not getting with the program. You’re either with us or you’re against us. And guess who is going to win?


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

One thought on “Are You An American?”

  1. it’s almost 3 am here
    i have no idea how i ended up reading this particular blog or this entry…
    but there is some undeniable truth in it!

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