thought movement

crystalline mountain dew breath of the morn, i sucked into the outer deep and knew that this time was not the last. it would be forever. it had to be, simple as that and infinitely extended, mirrored corridor never-ending.
this moment, the shine, the gleam of it. i was here to do things. i would eat my meal with satisfaction, because i had made it. that kind of thing. abstraction itself could be called a blessing, if it wasn’t so undependable. it starts towards something and then disappears. i wonder.
i think i get my tenses mixed up frequently. but to tell the truth i’ve never really understood the delineations based upon time. past. future. present. as far as i can tell, there is just is. and then there isn’t. some people who are not “present” are still is. some events that have yet to occur effect now. kind of like this so-called boundary between life and death. as if there were some invisible barrier to be crossed into the impenetrable mystery. yet they are inseparable. death. life. i can’t really tell the difference. i don’t understand why these states have to be given names. happy. sad. is just is. i am forever. i am nothing.
in the amorphous journey into itself. so much lies in the mind. the drugs. the guns. the sexual deviancy. all of this is an extension of the mind.
scientific excursions, logical outgrowths. forgetting something? the mind. a wonderful, dangerous thing. sharp, almost aware of itself, buzzing.
thought is a weapon of destruction. creation is of no mind. thoughtless, active, fecund. the true mind is without consciousness. thoughtlessly rhythmic, like the heart. the thinking mind impedes, it puts stops, it backspaces, it deletes. movement is without thought. nothing. forever.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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