Welcome Home

it was, quite simply, a case of mistaken identity. i had never before seen such detrimental stars in the sky. my halitosis was complete. but wheeling around, back and forth, was the mystery of and and therefore. silence of the nubile localization factories.
“Blood wells up like silent lake flood down the sterile corridors,” remarks Zinorth, the alien tainted Caveboy. i knew that gerrymandering was inappropriate then.
i slabbed on a side of dill and it mixed surprisingly well.
krakatoa? is it a place? a verbal presence, plosive? sprayed ions of suggestive myth?
put the bucket down the well. draw the bucket up.
put the bucket down the well. draw the bucket up.
once acclimated appropriately, one begins to see trails of all things that move beyond vision into the foliage of existence. be still for a while, city, shut off your electricity. mediate in your void.

what happened to the dinosaurs?

i drew a line in the sand and slept fervently, but you can imagine with what dreams–neon flavored free radicals at every corner, licorice intoxicants line dancing in the darkness, Valerie the saint thumbing down the road (don’t ask). when i woke the sky was purple, like deep sea purple, when you descend from the green. i could still see Venus, a gleaming eye of a deep sea predator, beckoning from the distance. i kettled up the locusts for the day, honey baked stew. it was time for action, whether it was me or someone else in my place.
“All is one in infinite sparkling wave movement eternal,” mantra’d barren headed Nate from his stool. what seems true, i’ve learned, is only a shuttling of data to the next spool. part of the process is letting accumulated wisdom go. farewell, sweet Jesus

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

One thought on “Welcome Home”

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