ok, so i apologize, but i think it’s about time i went off on a rant. i feel the need to be righteous, to be holy, to declare the boundaries of good and evil. i figure that if W. Bush can declare to the world, via public television, without any apparent shame or hesitation, that certain countries constitute an “axis of evil,” then i too can declare what is right and what is wrong.
i try to think of our future, and it doesn’t seem so bright. it seems full of cancer and dementia and nuclear holocaust. what kind of future does a people have when they are feeding their own children filth?
it seems so obvious that it’s almost disgusting. in our public schools, think about what kind of food they are serving our children. Taco Bell. Pizza Hut. Hostess. Coke. Doritos. This food is absolute shit. It’s sugar and synthetic syrupy crap. Do you even want to see a chart of the obesity levels of our children, of how it’s increasing? Few is the child whose parents have the time and resources to prepare a healthy lunch. And those few most likely have rich parents. All the kids who eat cafeteria food are poor. And cafeteria food is disgusting, and i don’t just mean in how it tastes.
So you’ve got all these kids eating this junk in the very institutions that are supposed to be “educating” and edifying. Hell, we even offer junk food as rewards. Do this, we tell Jimmy, and we will give you a donut, or a pizza.
And so some public official or school administrator with some piece of sanity left in their head decides to try offering some healthier food.
”Let’s give them apples,” they say, or “let’s have a salad bar.” And of course, all the apples end up in the trash. And the salad bar remains full.
Oh, the taxpayer’s dollars are being wasted. But these kids are certainly buying up the Hostess cupcakes. “Let them eat cake.”
So where’s the bottom line? The kids buy the junk. So the kids eat junk.
And now let’s think of why the kids eat this junk. Ever drink soda for any length of time? Ever try to stop drinking it? Yeah, it’s addictive. So is junk food. McDonald’s, Hostess, Doritos, who do you think they market all their junk to? Children. Anyone who will buy that crap and eat it on a regular basis. Hell, it “tastes good.” Right? Well, if that’s all you eat all the time, try eating a well cooked meal. Probably doesn’t seem so great. Where’s my Big Mac? Because if all you’re eating is addictive shit, then of course you’re not going to eat that fucking shriveled little apple they put on your tray along with the oily nasty goop of the day.
So the corporations of junk food have a nice little destructive cycle going on. That’s great. They’re making money off of the processed hooves of cows. I don’t mind their ingenuity. But I do mind the fact that millions of people are eating this shit every day, and that a good percentage of these people are children. Children are growing. Children need nutrients, just like a plant poking out of the soil. They need Real Food. They need fruits, they need vegetables. And we’re feeding them McDonald’s. Am I the only one who thinks this is not only insane and disgusting, but just downright evil?
And all we’re thinking about is what they’re buying. We want these kids to do well in school? We want them to score well on achievement tests, to go to college? Fuck, why don’t we just feed them some fucking good food first before we even think about any of that shit!
Ok, but it doesn’t stop there. We’re feeding them all this shit, and they’re addicted to eating this shit and wouldn’t even eat good food if you put it in front of them because it isn’t synthetically processed and chemically charged, and they’re getting fatter and fatter and fatter. And what are these kids doing for several hours of the day, every day of the year? They are watching television. And what do they see on television, besides the advertisements for If You Don’t Get It All Over The Place, It Doesn’t Belong In Your Face, and Brittany Spears whoring for Pepsi? They see beautiful people, they see thin, airbrushed made up beautiful people. Desirable people. People who they would like to be. But these kids look nothing like that. For one, they are fat. And fat people are always the butts of all jokes on tv. For another, they are not immaculate and beautiful, not in the strictly superficial sense of money making. And they are not desirable. Who desires these kids? We feed them shit. You think that makes them feel desirable?
And so what kind of mentality does this create? It creates a mentality that makes you want to go out and eat some more of those Hostess cupcakes, dammit, that’s what it creates. It’s a sick, destructive cycle. And it’s evil!
what is the bottom line? the bottom line is money. the bottom line is that our schools, our businesses, and our governments are concerned not with the welfare and betterment of our species, but with money.
this is wrong. something is wrong here. shouldn’t schools be concerned with the health of our children, both emotionally, physically, and mentally? shouldn’t our businesses be concerned with the social, physical, economic ramifications of their actions? shouldn’t our governments be concerned with the well-being of its constituents?
we’re ruining our future, we’re sealing it off like a Zip-Lock baggy. maybe it’s time we started calling out evil for what it is, and fighting for what is good. for what is healthy.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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