be beep b

once there was light it was seen that this was the way that it should be. in the pulse of our fading fears was known the path of many things. a subtle buoyancy of tempo pulling at fingering hesitancy, drawing out calling beauty til the pieces get sticky raw with stuff of life. here, says the glorious slug, herein lies the bait. can’t be always balanced, making ends meet. the ship slips down and sometimes takes on a bit of water on the way back up, if it be stormy, arrr. time is not a drum machine. notice the way the beautiful bottom of a girl washes side to side in a sway determined by what is around her. pretend not to notice, or stare blatantly from behind shades, it is the same. it is not for you or me, this earth. all of us, filling and emptying, slipping into nuanced sheens of interactive neurons. the only dragon’s hoard to be found nowadays sits within the calm depth of focused breath, streaming from belly-center. a halo of energy moves beyond while within the space of the mind there is nothing, there is simply skin.
steady, fluid, sexy.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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