Transformation: Tao Te Ching Style

a vision: when a being dies,
its energy passes into the world,
it moves, formless,
into all forms of life,
such that it is present everywhere,
and collected nowhere.
(life here includes rocks, oceans, plastics, metals.)
thus the world changes,
accepting the spirit.

this is what is called
“the river of energy.”

the more energy you have in life, aroused,
supple, billowing with the breath of ocean wind,
the more the world is filled
with your passing.

this is what is meant by
“gathering treasure in heaven.”

to be alive is to clear yourself
of knowledge
and mold yourself
to the wind,
to let your surface act
without you.

in this way you will float balanced,
all of your energy still, silent,
deep. the world passes around you,
such that all that is in you
is you.

death is the time
when you give yourself to the world.

until then,
let nothing separate you
from yourself.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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