Speculative Revolution Part III

when i say that direct opposition is not the only way to fight, i am not condoning apathy, or trying to provide intellectual rhetoric to excuse personal lack of motivation and passion, or even trying to promote a turn-the-other-cheek stance of love and acceptance under conditions of extreme oppression. i am suggesting a new direction in thought. when confronting an opponent outright, you are not only creating (or at least, renewing) and solidifying a force in opposition to yourself, but you are filling the role of their misdirected energy, you become their image, their scapegoat, their oppressor, their teacher, their student, their lover, their killer. in other words, you are recreating opposition by opposing.
the reason why i say i am not promoting a stance of love and acceptance, in the traditional notions of the words, is that in some situations, under certain circumstances, it is necessary to make real and clear and visual the opposition to a force that is coming like a thief in the night. direct opposition is a legitimate and natural response to a force that is
indirect, pervasively ignored, and destructive.
but we are talking about a force that can’t possibly be directly confronted, as it exists in everyone, everywhere. direct conflict only becomes necessary in those specific situations where it’s effects are directly manifest.
hence the violence in certain racially and/or economically segregated districts. instead of ignoring the violence, or despairing over it, or getting authoritarian about it and trying to throw everyone in prison, we should be looking at this violence as a symptom. someone who commits an act of violence is trying to tell us something. and we should listen. ignoring these destructive voices is only leading to their greater need to be heard, and thus, escalating the urgency and hurtfulness of their acts. it’s like the homeless “problem.” they will never disappear as long as there remains the concept of property.
suddenly you realize that they are everywhere, in every little niche that you brush by without giving it a glance. just like the way you drive by in your car. drive by.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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