Speculative Revolution Part I

i have been becoming more politicized lately, more activist oriented, at least in spirit, speaking of such things as “corporate conspiracy” and “imperialist agendas.” i have felt the urge to become extreme, to don a black mask and throw objects at police. and i feel that these things are necessary, should be done and will continue to be done. but i was thinking today that perhaps such opposition to a constructed “force” of capitalism is ultimately only feeding into such a system, is promoting it by the very action of opposing it. there is a reason that police wear uniforms and politicians wear suits. distinctions are a manner in which opposition is created, for there is immediately created a caste of exclusion. in this way, those who oppose are really simply feeding into this game of illusion and power, for they reinforce these differences and further them to a position of direct warfare.

i will here remind you that direct warfare is social lubricant. when there is a physical enemy in confrontation with you, you of necessity bond and unite as a society. it keeps you in line, in service, focused.

there is thus perhaps a reason why the extreme violence and persecution of the ghettoes exist. you will notice that the newest trends in fashion come not from runways in paris but the streets in compton. you will notice that cop-killing is featured prominently on the highest grossing CDs.

our socio-economic system thrives off of the creation of compressed sectors of space filled with pain and pressure and confrontation. as the 60s demonstrated, corporations bank off of rebellion, off of youth counterculture. the reason capitalism has not gone the way of marxism is because of this great ability to assimilate instantaneously its
opposition. in fact, it even seems, in a sense, to control and regulate this opposition.

but i am of course exaggerating to make a point. i don’t want to feed into the notion of bureaucratic conspiracy here. i would never give corporations or governments that much credit. it seems to be more accurately a reflection of the market economy, of the oceanic rise and fall of a system that uses self-conscious irony in its advertising.

there is really no way to oppose a system that takes a self-opposing stance in preparation.

at least, not directly.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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