the bat wraps about himself and hangs suspended from the ceiling, filled with blood. the night dissipates into the warmth of the sun outside of the cave as he sleeps, dreaming.

there is a wisdom that floats in our veins.

a voice of the sun:
it is important to know how to open oneself to another being, to draw from its energy and share a life between.

a voice of the moon:
it is also important to know when to leave. there are some things that are not ready to be shared. casting light upon the darkness can become a kind of violence. there are whole worlds that exist without you, that have nothing to do with you.

a voice of the earth:
to live, i must breathe. i have fallen into a space from which i grow. a life requires the independence to be dependent. the singularity of a tree in a forest. a cell in a body. taking what you need to serve yourself to serve others.

a voice of the bat:
i love the world, life, multitudinous perceptions. thus, i share what i no longer need, and i take what others let go.

if you love another being, then let them live
apart from you,
so you can meet freely
in the night shining,
the shores of bodies
coming up against the surface of seas,
heeding the call of gravity.

planet-world-lives circle each other
and do not crash.
they hold themselves together.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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