Chapter one: a beginning and a middle and an end

into the possibility Henry entered, until up to his veritable armpits in cash crop honey dew trickle down thoughts. all will pan out to gold in heaven, Henry figured, by the light of the dangling lamp in his office study. Henry chuckled. what are you doing up there, a shrill voice wavering muffled up the stairs inquired high pitched. the curiousness of fascism, Henry bellowed, slapping his thighs, that only wants to verify what it already knows, spittle spraying from his mouth. he danced in front of the window, wondering if anyone’s anonymous eyes were taking him in. my thoughts are destroyed, he thought. he sat, poomp!, into his lazy boy chair and lit his sherlock pipe, puffing lugubriously. the world, he wrote onto his notepad, is at my fingertips. he looked out the window into the night and knew his divinity. and the money! the money, oh the pyramid eye faded greens, so powerful, so cryptically liquid in papered thinness. it could not be denied. it defined him. not to defy, but to redirect. understand? Henry. trees growing up canopied over layered concrete, magically dancing through with wind, the child laying back watches the music of invisibility. better than tv. it rises suddenly, upswells, the leaves moving in swirls, shakes, riddles of the melancholy beauty of movement. it subsides before comprehension, almost-visible words melting into silence, and then into something else.
i am a pacifist, Henry whispered, stroking his chin as if to ascertain his face was still there, i do not believe in violence. i believe in softness, i believe in smoothness, i believe in the wholeness of layers of skin. why to cut it up? why to dissect? why to strike back? why to maintain control?
he was quiet. a voice in his head answered, and told him what he already knew: because it is beautiful. the explosive energy of destruction. because it is how you know yourself. because even as you are dipping your tongue into the stream, you have already departed. because the light has reached the other side even before it has entered. so fast. so fast. because you know that it will end, that it must end. because you know that it will continue. because you know that it can’t be stopped. because it has happened before, and it will happen again. because because because.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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