This Is What We Need

take the light back. journey into the past and remember our heroes. the tree, the flower slewn, the silver falling, the dark running. myths of the empire, dreams of a birth, of a formulate rising out of chaos like venus in the half-shell. she is not all that beautiful–but the idea, you see, the ideal. what she is supposed to be, in her innocence. not coy, not a salesman suckering in another sucker, not an empty mask created for the express purpose of stirring desire, no. where would we be if we started looking at reality instead of our conceptions of what it should be? we would be lost. remember who we are. remember our place in history. we are different. we are special.
it’s about keeping everything in perspective. satellites. moon. orbital reality, distanced communication. venus rising out of the sea for you to look at.
it’s amazing how much we know, how much we can share with each other, how little need there is for us to say anything. when i trace my fingers across the steppes of your shoulders i imagine the electricity charging, flashing across cells of the networked synapsed swirl of information. what effect am i causing in you? how are you going to respond? i feel as though i already know. i feel as though i’m touching myself, reaching across into infinite space, coming out the other side of the mirror, awestruck, mimicking.
does this feel good? i know it feels good. it feels good. there is no need to say anything.
and when we hurt each other, we can already see ourselves moving away, and we push each other forward. it’s time to move. suddenly our mouths fill with words, with sounds we cannot explain. explosions occur. skins fill with heat, with blood. take the light back. remember our beginning. we are here for a purpose. we are different, we are special.

yes, you begin to see the end. we set ourselves to fall, crashing into the waving earth, rippling the surfaces apart, shattering the mirror, the light falling, the dark rising. the myth was made so we could be destroyed, so this world could end. this is what we need.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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