Everywhere Here

we went down the road long way before we come home. and in the interim the rain it fell round, and like a spell we found that we were empty. we were free of all associations past present and future. ghosts spoke like wheels in our skin, through our minds. we were captivated by our deaths. looking for shelter, many of us tried to stop off the path and get dry. but no turning back. we’re addicted to the end, we said, shaking our heads.
here we are, moving, looking for a farewell. ain’t gonna be peace, never. everything is wet, sliding, glistening with everything. we try to be cool, we try to be hot, we try to be something, but it slips, it falls, it rises, it melts into nothing we can hold because it’s ourselves.
well breathing with the world we come to know the road is our home. the rain it falls round and intermittently the thunder scares us, and we see things clearly suddenly before the rune has rung back silence and darkness has swallowed the world again. and death, darkness? no, that was not the fear. the fear was the light, blasting, laying everything so crystal clear, so perfectly sudden, so known before understood. and emptiness, oh, we
are shelled by the enemy of ourselves. so we are hard
and we are soft,
and we are home, now.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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